Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Todd Harlow and Lishel Bautista Win $1.46 Million Jury Verdict In Fraudulent Transfer Case

Todd Harlow and Lishel Bautista represent Triple M GmbH and its affiliates in their effort to collect a $48.75 million Judgment against Eric Brauss.  Triple M brought its fraudulent transfer suit against the alleged transferee of real and personal property Mr. Brauss allegedly sold to generate cash before he left the country in late 2009.  Mr. Harlow and Ms. Bautista tried the case to a Collin County jury, which returned a verdict in Triple M’s favor on July 18, 2015.  “This was a difficult case and a highly contentious trial,” Mr. Harlow said.  “Ultimately, the jury determined that the defendant did not accept transfers of Brauss’ property in good faith, and we are of course thrilled with the result.”

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