Monday, April 06, 2020

Cowles and Thompson COVID19 Quick Reference Resource


This is a repository of Coronavirus-/COVID-19-related information provided by our attorneys as a quick reference.  We will continue to update this PDF and webpage.

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4/8/21 - Temporary Pandemic-Related Bankruptcy Code Provisions

2/28/21 - Bankruptcy Court Rules that Eviction Moratorium for COVID Does Not Apply in Bankruptcy

1/11/21 - The Effect of the COVID Act on the Bankruptcy Preference Laws

1/6/2021 - The Continued Assistance Act Becomes Law and Extends Credits for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

12/14/2020 - The COVID Vaccine and Workplace Compliance

12/14/2020 - Commercial Landlord Tenant Issues in Bankruptcy - Especially During the Pandemic

12/1/2020 - Legal Defenses When COVID-19 Causes a Breach of Contract

10/5/2020 - UPDATE:  COVID-19, Business Interruption, and Insurance Coverage

9/10/2020 - Contractual Obligations, Force Majeure, and COVID-19

9/9/2020 - Co-Parenting in the Age of COVID-19

5/18/2020 - Bankruptcy Courts Allow Buisness Debtors to Defer Rent in Response to COVID-19

5/14/2020 - Guidance from the Governor's Office for Texas Employers on the Re-Opening of Texas

5/4/2020 - COVID-19 and the Plight of the American Movie Theater

4/27/2020 - Bankruptcy and COVID-19:  The Case Study of Neiman Marcus and the Fate of Other Department Stores

4/27/2020 - WEBINAR: Trump Executive Order on Temporary Immigration Ban - who is affected, options, and more

4/23/2020 - Immigration Alert:  Trump Exeutive Order on Temporary Immigration Ban

4/20/2020 - Business Interruption Insurance:  Do You Have the Correct Coverage?

4/17/2020 - Texas Re-Opens Retail Businesses; COVID-19:  Considerations for Employee Testing

4/15/2020 - What Happens Next? When Employees Return to the Workforce After COVID-19

4/14/2020- Legal Issues Affecting Your Business Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

4/9/2020 - 7 Ways Employers Can Protect Confidential Information During the COVID-19 Crisis

4/2/2020 - Cowles & Thompson Immigration Alert:  Your Immigration Status Amidst COVID-19, Government Office Closures & Suspension of Certain Services, Visa for Medical Professionals, International Students

4/1/2020 - Can I Be Forced to Go into Work During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

3/31/2020 - Dallas Employee Sick-Leave Ordinance Slated to Start April 1, 2020 Has Been Blocked

3/31/2020 - Furlough vs. Layoff:  What is the Difference and What’s Important for Employers? 

3/26/2020 - Cowles & Thompson Immigration Alert:  Form I-9 announcement, Labor Certifications/PERM, USCIS Extends Temporary Office Closure

3/25/2020 - COVID-19 Downsizing/Early Retirement or Voluntary Severance Agreements and Age Discrimination

3/23/2020 - Revisiting the Need for Force Majeure Clauses

3/23/2020 - Coronavirus:  Texas Workforce Commission Issues Guidance for Separations

3/20/2020 - Cowles & Thompson Immigration Alert:  U.S. Borders with Canada and Mexico Close

3/19/2020 - What Employers Should Know about  the Families First Coronavirus Response Act 

3/17/2020 - Alert:  Coronavirus and Recent Activities on Capitol Hill 

3/10/2020 - Tips for Texas Employers Dealing with Coronavirus

2/26/2020 - The Coronavirus and Its Effect on Companies on the Brink 


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