Beware – Innocent Directors Found Responsible for Single Director’s Fraud

Bill Siegel looks at the In re Cyber Litigation and whether a Controlling Director's intent to defraud can be imputed to the Innocent Directors of a company's Board of Directors.

Groundbreaking U.S. Corporate Transparency Act and What Business Owners Should Know

The Corporate Transparency Act requires most small corporations, companies and limited partnerships to register "beneficial ownership information" with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Sitting on the Sidelines During a Bankruptcy Can Result in Catastrophic Consequences

Bill Siegel discusses the Fifth Circuit holding in Raymond James v. Jalbert (In re: German Pellets La., LLC) - and the consequences for a creditor who opts to "sit on the sidelines" of a bankruptcy.

Is Commercial Lease Termination a Fraudulent Transfer? Circuit Courts Differ

Bill Siegel looks at whether commercial lease termination is a fraudulent transfer - and the differing outcomes in the Seventh and Third Circuit Courts of Appeals.

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