Monday, January 07, 2019

Todd Harlow Wins Reversal of Motion to Dismiss $33.6m Fraudulent Transfer Suit

By Todd Harlow

Shareholder Todd Harlow won a reversal of a Motion to Dismiss a $33.6 million fraudulent transfer suit. 

In early January, 2019, the Fifth Court of Appeals revived a suit seeking $50 million from lost real estate investments. Parties, Renate Nixdorf GmbH & Co. and Watercrest Partners LP, brought suit saying the trial court erred when it dismissed claims that the defendants, W. Eric Brauss and his ex-wife Christine Martin, had hidden investment funds in order to avoid making payouts.  The appeals court found that appellants’ allegations were indeed plausible, that defendants (who are former Dallas realtors) had hidden money in sham companies rather than making payments owed. 

Read the 1/3/19 Justicia case summary here.  A PDF of the 1/4/19 Law360 article is associated with this news post (see link above).


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