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Is Commercial Lease Termination a Fraudulent Transfer? Circuit Courts Differ

Bill Siegel looks at whether commercial lease termination is a fraudulent transfer - and the differing outcomes in the Seventh and Third Circuit Courts of Appeals.

The Texas Two-Step is Alive and Well…But a Judge Dismissed the J&J Bankruptcy Absent Financial Distress

  Remember the Texas Two-Step?  Well, it is alive and well, but lessons can be learned from the dismissal of the LTL Management, LLC bankruptcy.   Background (Bill Siegel [...]

Nondischargeable Debt: Corporate Officer Cannot Hide Behind Corporate Shield on Claim Based on Fraud

[Regarding:  Glencove Holdings, LLC v Bloom (In re Bloom), No. 22-1005 (10th Cir. July 12, 2022)] The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed the bankruptcy court and [...]

District Court Criticizes Bankruptcy Judge for Approving Far-Reaching Third-Party Releases and Addresses Venue Shopping

A U.S. District Court judge in the Eastern District of Virginia1, Richmond Division, set aside confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan that contained “extremely broad third-party (non-debtor) releases.” [...]

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