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The Federal Trade Commission Issues Final Rule Banning Most Non-Compete Agreements

Employment attorneys, Brian Farrington and Casey Erick explain the recent FTC final rule banning most Non-Compete Agreements, the Effective Date, and whom it affects.

New Regulations Implementing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Contain Controversial Provisions Requiring Employers to Provide Women with Time Off to Obtain Abortions

After some delay, the EEOC issued its final regulation on April 15, 2024 (the regulations go into effect on June 18, 2024). In the regulations, the terms “childbirth, or related medical conditions” include “having or not having an abortion.” 29 CFR 1636.3(b). Labor and Employment attorney Brian Farrington explains.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Becomes Effective

Pregnant workers often experience extra hardships in the workplace. It is very common for pregnant workers to require more frequent rest breaks and bathroom breaks, to need to sit, and to avoid heavy lifting. Such assistance is usually referred to as “accommodation.”

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