Athletes and participants in the billion-dollar high-stakes sports industry know the crucial value of attorneys who are experienced in the growing complexities of the business and the distinct issues faced by athletes, sports teams and organizations, and sports and entertainment facilities.  

Cowles and Thompson attorneys possess considerable business experience and a deep understanding of the legal issues specific to the world of sports and entertainment, including general business issues, performance contracts and allied rights, financial matters, non-disclosure agreements, insurance coverage, and protection and licensing of intellectual property

Our attorneys provide counsel with:

  • Contract preparation and negotiations
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Allegations of slander and libel
  • Use of name and likeness


Our attorneys skillfully handle all levels of litigation, and strive to obtain favorable results for our clients. Our attorneys also help clients weigh the risks of litigating, identifying which claims should be vigorously opposed versus those where settlement may be in our clients’ best interests.  When litigation is necessary, we combine vigorous advocacy with extensive experience to defend our clients’ interests.

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