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When an individual is injured on property owned or occupied by another, he or she may seek to recover damages by alleging that the property was unsafe in one or more respects. Such claims may be made against the owner of the premises or against a tenant, such as a business, that occupies the premises under a lease.

Extensive Experience

Cowles Thompson has extensive experience representing property owners, landlords and tenants – both public and private – in lawsuits seeking compensation for alleged slip/trip and falls, physical and sexual assaults, violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, wrongful detention and illegal arrest.  Our long history of representing a diverse group of clients includes:

  • Property owners and occupiers
  • Lessees and management companies
  • International hospitality companies and retailers
  • Restaurant chains
  • Fast food and drug retailers
  • Convenience and grocery stores
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hospitals and health clinics
  • Apartment complexes
  • Day care centers
  • Commercial lessors and occupiers of shopping centers
  • State and local governments
  • Homeowners

Areas of Representation

Our courtroom experience enables our attorneys to serve clients in all manner of premises issues. Cowles Thompson attorneys have defended premises liability cases arising from:

  • Alleged negligent maintenance of premises
  • Premises security involving criminal acts
  • Slip- or trip-and-falls
  • Premises liability for restaurants and retail stores
  • Dram shop and liquor liability claims
  • False imprisonment claims
  • Falling merchandise

Premises Liability Issues for Restaurants and Retail Stores

Slip and fall injuries are one of the primary sources of premises liability claims against restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses that have a high rate of pedestrian traffic.  Cowles Thompson attorneys represent clients faced with these claims, in addition to claims of false imprisonment and damage from merchandise.

Security and Premises Liability Issues for Owners, Landlords and Property Managers

Thousands of violent crimes occur in parking lots, hallways, elevators, and other areas of shopping centers, commercial premises, and apartment buildings every year. The victims of these crimes may seek to recover damages for their injuries by alleging that the party responsible for the property failed to provide adequate security. Our attorneys also defend clients who are sued for claims of inadequate/negligent security.

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